How did you get through the hours of studying?

Photo credit: Lisa Tanzer

Photo credit: Lisa Tanzer


Hi! I am a fresh vet nursing student and work fulltime. I love studying (which is new to me haha), but how can I keep myself motivated for the next two years? How did you get through the hours of studying? 



Great question! Studying takes up so much of your time in vet school. Whenever I got ready to study, I made sure I had my complete “study mode” set up. What do I mean? I made sure I created the right environment, which included snacks, access to coffee/tea, and my music. For me, having all these things in place made it easier for me to get into a study mode. For instance, it is very difficult for me to study at my apartment because it’s easy for me to get distracted and libraries are so boring. So, I prefer to set up at a coffee shop.

Next, I would rotate the subjects I was studying during a single study session. Let’s say I was studying anatomy, but after a while the words just seemed to blend together, and I wasn’t retaining any new information. I would move on to histology and eventually make my way back to anatomy when I was ready again.

Another good studying tip is to have at least one study partner. You don’t have to meet all the time, but it is good to meet once a week and usually more when it gets closer to exam time. Think of it as an accountability partner.

Finally, sometimes you just need to take a break. Maybe it’s one day or two or more--only you know. Sometimes you can get burned out within the semester and you need to recharge. It can consist of treating yourself to a binge-watching session on Netflix or going to bed early. Do what you need to relax so you will have energy for another study surge.

Hope this helps.


-- Dr. G