My Favorite Detangling Method

I have a lot of hair. It’s thick. It’s long. It takes forever to detangle, wash, condition, and style. I used to plan a whole weekend around wash day. Fortunately, I received a tip from a fellow grad student at Cornell about how she detangled her hair. On the first try, it worked beautifully.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Coconut oil

Conditioner (it can be the cheap stuff)

Deep conditioning cap

Hair dryer

Hair shears (optional)


Step 1: Generously apply coconut oil from the tips to the roots of your hair. If your hair is thick, you should try making jumbo twists to section off your hair. It makes it easier to manipulate. I usually have 5-6.

Step 2: Tuck all hair inside the deep conditioning cap and sit under a hair dryer for 15-20 minutes on the high setting.

Step 3: Immediately apply the conditioner to the hair from tip to root. **Do not wash out the coconut oil**

Step 4: Repeat step 2.

Step 5: Wash out conditioner. Snip off split ends or knots with the hair shears.

Step 6: Now that your hair is detangled, proceed to shampoo, co-wash, or deep condition as desired.


With this method, I have cut my detangling time from a whole day to a couple of hours. Have you tried this method? How has it worked for you? Did you make any changes?

-- Dr. G