Encouragement For When You Get Discouraged

No matter what you do in life, there will always be someone that wants to devalue you.

They can focus on:
-- your race
-- your gender
-- how you dress
-- how you wear your hair
-- your family
-- your work ethic
-- your intellect

It doesn't matter how accomplished you are, how many degrees you have, or where you live. No one is immune. Just know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. It makes sense you have at least one hater in the whole wide world. It proves you're doing something right...for where there is good, evil is there also.

I am covered by a power that is not bound by the rules of this earth. I am His child and he told me to tell those that could be discouraged today to use these moments as motivation to reach your goals and continue to strive higher than what any doubters could ever imagine. God is on your side.

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- Dr. G