How Did You Feel Coming from an HBCU, Applying to Vet School?


I have 2, hopefully good, questions. (1) Was Cornell the only Vet school you applied to? If not, how many others did you apply to? (2) How did you feel coming from an HBCU, applying to vet school? *I graduated from Southern University* Any doubts? Thanks!



1) I applied to 3 vet schools (Cornell, UPenn, and Tuskegee).

2) I was well prepared when I applied to vet school, largely due to some great mentors. Applying to grad school can be daunting, but I had advisers who guided me through the application process and focused on my career development. For example: they made sure I took the correct classes, recommended a great vet in the area for me to intern with, and critiqued/edited my essays. I have a great appreciation for my HBCU and the opportunities PVAMU provided.

For more info on my experience, check out my blog post "From an HBCU to Ivy League."

-Dr. G