Any Advice for Starting Vet School at 30?

Photo by: Andrew Tornell

Photo by: Andrew Tornell


What advice would you give to a person such as myself who wants to attend vet school at age 30?


Fortunately, I was able to seek advice from one of my classmates who is a "non-traditional" student and his response is below. 

1. Socially being in vet school might be challenging because your priorities are different. Certain issues are not a big deal and there are a lot of "been there, done that" moments. There are usually a group of non-traditional students in every class so there will most likely be like-minded people with you.

2. Because you are older, perception is that you are more focused on your career, which is highly valued by some members of the faculty. However, that can also translate into the expectation that you are smarter than the rest of your class (which may be true)

3. Getting back into the study habits isn't the biggest challenge.  If you have been working for a while and have climbed the management ladder, unless you work for a company that's flexible, you'll have to cut your hours A LOT or find a different job where you may be back at the entry level position. Simply for the fact that you have to commit more time to studying.  

- (future) Dr. G