Do I Have to Do an Internship After Graduation?

Photo by: Harold Mullins

Photo by: Harold Mullins


After graduating from vet school, are we supposed to do a year of internship and then take our Board exams? And if we pass, we can then start to practice veterinary medicine?


Unlike human medical school, internships and residencies are optional in veterinary medicine. If you want to become a specialist (ie. cardiologist, surgeon, neurologist), you are in it for the LONG HAUL so make sure that's what you want to do. Internships are typically one year. Graduates complete internships to become competitive for residencies or to get more experience before going into general practice.

During your senior year, you take the NAVLE which is the licensing exam for North America. Once you pass, you apply to different states for an additional license in order to practice veterinary medicine in THAT state. Once you pass the NAVLE, get your state license, AND your degree, you can practice veterinary medicine. Hope this helps!  


- (future) Dr. G