Who Do You Recommend I talk to for Guidance while Applying to Vet School?

Photo by: Jamila Glass

Photo by: Jamila Glass


I graduated from undergrad in 2008. I am now in the process of applying to Vet school no later than 2016. As I begin my journey, I'm wondering is there anyone you would recommend I talk to for some guidance? The process is pretty straight forward, but I guess I may need help with reviewing my transcript to see what classes I may need to take and as far as the whole process goes of Vet school. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Hey! I think it would be worthwhile meeting with someone who is from your alma mater and has received graduate degrees from the schools you want to attend. Also, the university where you will be taking your classes will have someone appointed for career counseling. However, don't limit yourself to this person. Anyone can help in the form of an administrator or faculty member. It's important to ask if they have helped anyone get into grad school and which ones. If they include schools on your list, start to pick their brain more. Finally, it wouldn't hurt to get on LinkedIn and search for vets who are alums from your alma mater. They are great resources for job advice/networking and can point you in the direction of good mentors.  

-Dr. G