Should I Major in Pre-Vet or Animal Science?


Hi! I am currently a high school student and will be applying to colleges soon. I’m hoping to apply for vet school in the future as well. Do most prestigious vet schools have impressive pre-vet routes? (Such as UC Davis or Cornell? Would you recommend applying to the same school for undergraduate work that you would apply to for vet school? Thank you!



First, Cornell has a program for high school students called the Veterinary Explorations Program. It also has a Pre-Vet quarterly newsletter that offers advice and tips for students who are preparing for a future application. I am not knowledgeable about the programs UC Davis has for high school students. I have been told Texas A&M has a robust training program for high school and undergrad students who want to attend their vet school.

Next, I would not place emphasis on applying to an undergraduate program just because they have a vet program you would like to attend. The reason? Most applicants will eventually apply to 7-10 vet schools (that seemed to be the common numbers in my class). However, if you know you want to go to vet school, it doesn’t hurt to focus on schools that have well-established pre-vet or animal science departments (e.g. students who want to be architects, engineers, or nurses gravitate toward schools that have prominent programs in those respective fields).

Finally, I will once again stress (as in a previous post) that as long as you make sure you maintain a strong background in the sciences, you can major in anything as an undergraduate. You will not be at a disadvantage if you do not choose the pre-vet or animal science major.

-Dr. G