Natural Hair Stereotypes

Since I went natural and started rocking my fro, I have observed some interesting changes in my interactions with people and their perception of me. Below is a list of just a few:


When I go to a performance poetry event, all of a sudden I’m a poet who should perform at tonight’s open mic.
Reality – I’m not a poet, but I enjoy supporting the arts, and I believe performance poetry is a powerful medium to express one’s self.

 smoke weed and use rock deodorant.
Reality – I don’t partake in either, but I’m not judging what you do.

I automatically want to be a part of a very deep discussion about the state of hip hop, or politics, or the cause of problems in society today.
Reality – Although I do like a good, thought-provoking discussion, right now I just want a latte.

I’m a free spirit who is not confined to society’s rules.
Reality – That’s not for me, and whatever kind of sexual prowess I might have is going to remain a curiosity for you.

I believe people who wear weave are victims of self-hate.
Reality – Nope. The weave vs. natural hair war is idiotic to me. The way you want to wear your hair is a personal choice. And, I could argue that wearing a weave is a protective style for natural hair. So everyone is a part of a big happy extended family.

I am a Queen and prefer to be addressed as such.
Reality – You are absolutely correct. ; )