What is your best advice for the interviewing process?


Hey! I'm a recent follower of your Instagram page and I find it inspiring to see your experience as a Vet student. Currently, I'm in undergraduate school and my goal is to go to Vet school and I've been doing my research as to how to get into a vet school. What is your best advice for the interviewing process? What are some things I should keep in mind while being interviewed?



My best advice for the interview process is to prepare! Practice your answers to common interview questions before the moment you are sitting in the hot seat with your adrenaline running high. It is difficult to think of good, coherent answers on the spot if you are nervous. Make sure you are dressed appropriately. If you are not sure what that entails, I've attached a couple of photos of examples I found on the internet. (Note: also make sure there are no visible rips, holes, or wrinkles). Read up on some of the faculty and identify people you think match you interests in medicine or research. This will show you have done your homework on what programs are offered at the school and that there is a reason you want to go to that particular school besides "I just want to get into vet school...I don't care which one."

I've also included a link to a previous #AskAziza question that is on this topic.

Advice for the Interview Process


- Dr. G