What's Your Hair Type?


I have just stumbled upon your blog and seen some of your pictures You have very beautiful, healthy natural hair. I am new to the natural hair realm (and a new grad student at Cornell actually). I really just wanted to hear more about your hair journey, how did you grow it so beautifully, what's your hair type? etc. I would love to hear more. 



Thank you for the glowing compliment! I have included a link below from a previous blog post where I describe my natural hair journey. My hair is in the 4 type family. It ranges from 4a to 4c. How did I get it to grow? Patience and a bit of troubleshooting. I sometimes use the biotin and omega 3 fatty acid supplements, but I haven't in a while. I will say that I believe my hair was shinier when I was taking the supplements. I use minimal direct heat. I get my hair pressed maybe twice a year now with a trim if it's needed. Once I started setting hair goals, I found that I would not get frustrated about my progress. So I started with the goal of getting to my bra strap, then midback, and now I want my hair from the crown to get to bra strap length. I have been drinking more water (1 gallon/day) and my skin appears much clearer. Most of my hairstyles I've developed from seeing what's on YouTube or google images. Most of my techniques I use for my hair, like twists I developed from trial and error. 

Journey to Natural


- Dr. G