How Did You Set Distinguish Yourself as a Vet School Applicant


Hi, Dr. Glass! I just wanted to know in which ways did you set yourself apart in your undergraduate studies to make you such an awesome pick? for vet school? I know that admission to vet school requires a complete package! Any advice you can offer would be more than appreciated! Thanks!



My application reflected how I was a well rounded student. I was a division 1 athlete, a senior member of the Student Government Association, and very active in my department. I had a keen interest in performing research and consistently worked in a lab throughout my undergrad years, including the summers. Finally, I spent a lot of time at an animal clinic and had the hours to back it up. These are just a few examples of how you can distinguish yourself from other applicants who may only be a bookworm. It's important that you are able to answer, "Why veterinary medicine?"  Answer this question by showing how all the different activities and interests of yours feeds into what will make you the ideal student at your vet school of interest. I have provided a link below from a previous #AskAziza post that you might find interesting.

How Did You Get Into Cornell Vet School?


- Dr. G