How Did You Manage Your Time in Vet School?


I am so glad to have found your Instagram and website. I'm currently a freshman at North Carolina A&T State University as an Animal Science major. In high school, and now, I've rarely had a difficulty managing my time and staying on track with my work load. I have been told that the work load changes and that you continuously have multiple test every week in Vet School. The question I would like to ask is how did you manage your time and study during your period in Vet School at Cornell?



The workload in vet school is very intense and you have to be diligent in studying outside of the classroom. Time management is essential. One of my mentors from Prairie View suggested that I plan my day by splitting it into sections: sleep, personal, and study. If I start with 8 hours a piece that would be great...but unrealistic. So let's say I have 7 hours of sleep...then I decide to allocate 5 hours toward personal. The remainder 12 hours is for studying (includes time spent in lectures and labs). The personal time includes meal times, laundry, workout sessions, club meetings, hobby time, etc. Once you get into a groove you can change the ratio of time spent between the three categories. I like this method because I have a better idea if I am slacking in one area. Another tip: Use your calendar! I like Google calendar because I can merge multiple calendars into one and is easily accessible on my phone. I would upload my classes, exams, club meetings, parties, etc. on my calendar. I was less likely to forget to do something when I had it all written down. My final tip: Do not forget to relax. If you don't take the time to take care of yourself, your mental and physical state will suffer. Do not run yourself into the ground. Just take a breather and get back to work. I have included a link to one of my #AskAziza posts below that you may find useful. 


- Dr. G