Which path should I choose: Vet Tech vs DVM?


I’ve heard some people say that it’s more beneficial to become a certified vet tech first, then earn the pre-reqs for vet school. Some say to just earn a 4 year degree that emphasizes science then go to vet school. What is your advice?



Guess what? I asked myself this same question while I was in undergrad. From my conversations with people who have completed a vet tech program, DVM program, or both, it seems as though getting your vet tech certification is a great option if you are unsure of your career path. A vet tech program requires a high school diploma, is typically 18 months, and can run around $30,000. A DVM program is usually 8 years (including undergrad years) and can range from $150,000-250,000. Those are huge differences. If you know that you want to become a veterinarian and you do not have objections to the process, then going to vet tech school is redundant. This is why one of my vet mentors discouraged me from going to vet tech school. I also know several people who decided to go to vet tech school first because they weren’t sure if they wanted to make the commitment. After working as a vet tech for a couple of years they decided to pursue a DVM. Others liked their job as a vet tech and decided not to pursue a DVM. The choice is completely up to you. Neither way is wrong.  Hope this helps!